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Life with the Lusks

Some More and I felt an Earthquake.

Some More and I felt an Earthquake.

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Sunday:  Best nights sleep yet.  Chris & Theo took us out this afternoon and we headed to Amberley stopping along the way to pick some Apricots.  One of my favourite fruit.  I picked about one and a half kilo at NZ$ 2.99 a kilo was a very good price, that's about 1.50 a kilo in UK so would work out at 75p a lb.  

                We went to 'Sparks in the Park'  tonight with extended family, Stef and Antz and the kids stayed at home as it was on late.  Fireworks and classical music set in Hagley Park.  A wonderful night.

Monday:   Waitangi Day today, a public holiday set to mark the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi.  Antz was playing in the local park in the bandstand with his jazz ban 'The Mules'.  They played Fly me to the Mooon, Blueberry Hill, St James Infimary, All of Me, House of the Risisng Sun and No Secrets.  A Pipe Band played before them and they were very good.  An improptu Sword Dance by a ' I think quite inebriated woman' was a hoot and she also danced to The Band.  She told them afterwards that she came from Wellington and did a lot of 'entertaining'.  she was a hoot.

                Tommy & I were doing dinner tonight so we walked back via the local supermarket and got all the ingredients to make a Chicken Pie and a Bottle of Gunn Estate Pinot Noir.

                We also had afternoon tea in Pegasus at Greg and Paula's place,  they have moved since we were last here to a lovely sprawling 4 bedroom house in a new town,  backing onto a championship golf course.  The town's motto is 'Live where you play'.

Tuesday:    Everything back to normal, kids back at school, SIL back to work.  Took a wee run to Northlands which is a big shopping centre, Much like Silverburn back home.  Went to the fabric shop and bought some fat quarters as Stef's friends are coming over tonight for a quilting night.    I am hoping to make a wall hanging and bought some Kiwiana fabric.    Chilli and Nachos for Dinner.

                    Karen who is teaching the girls to patchwork and quilt has her own blog at From Plot to Plate.

Wednesday:  Tommy and I took off on our own in Stef's car today and went to Kaiapoi town centre and then on into Rangiora.  Rangiora is one of the nicest town's around and we had lunch sitting outside at Coffee Culture on the corner of the main street.  The small birds are all around waiting for crumbs and they are very tame.     Mr T had a Cheese Scone the size of a tea plate and I had a Chicken Wrap.

                      Later in the day we went to Chris and Theo's for coffee and took Leo with us, Ella had her first Gymnastic Lesson today after school.  She is a natural and the teacher said she might be entering competitions soon.

                    At 7.08pm whilst sitting in the front room of the house there was a 4.2 earthquake.  Mr T nearly missed it,  that's how quick it was,  I just managed to say EARTHQUAKE and it was over.  There were more that night and had been some before but we have not felt them.  Go to Geonet to see all the latest quakes and the one I felt on Wednesday.

Thursday :   Both children had school.  Stef helped me cut out my wall hanging and I made a mess of one,  you have to be so precice and I was off a bit with one of my squares.    Christine came round after her pedicure in the morning and we headed to Marshlands Cafe where I had Seafood Chowder for lunch and I have to say it is probably the best thing I have ever tasted.   Went to a retail park called Homebase (yes it was) and whilst Stef went to buy a planter in Bunnings (a DIY store) Chris and I explored the rest of the shops.

Fajitas for tea.

Well that is me caught up and hope to be back on here soon.

  • Sounds like you are having fun. Is that the first earthquake that you have felt? My friends in Lyttelton felt the earthquakes as they were centred over that way.
    • Yes, first one I've felt whilst here although there have been many as you can see. I felt one in Palmerston North 10 years ago though.
  • Did your Seafood Chowder really beat Cullen Skink?
  • Forgot to let you know, the next couple of meetups in Chch are this Wednesday 15 Feb and Wednesday 14 March, both at 6 pm at Tandoori Palace on Ilam Road (next to the university). Hope they fit in with your travel plans! (if not, let me know a time/day that suits, and we'll arrange a bonus meetup)

    ^ ^
    • We go to wellington tomorrow so this wednesday is out. Should make the next one though. I'll let you know.
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