lusks (lusks) wrote,

Saturday Coffee Time

We had a message on Mr T's phone in the middle of the week to say that friends we have made through blogland were coming to town.  Mark and Mary of Gullible's Travels were heading to Irvine to visit Mary's Mother who lives in the town.  They had tried to meet up with us in November but at that time it was not suitable, this weekend worked on both sides.  We agreed to meet in the bakers as May (Mary's Mum) had an eye test in the local opticians at 11am.  Two coffees (or tea or hot chocolate) later a new friendship had been formed.  Interests on both sides are quite diverse but amazingly a lot in common.  They live in Surrey and visit Kingston-upon-Thames often and as we know this neck of the woods rather well it was one of the topics we shared.  They also have Genealogy interests and through chatting we found out that Mary was brought up in Shortlees where Mr. T's sister still lives.


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