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Life with the Lusks

In Pursuit of Happiness.

In Pursuit of Happiness.

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These days dreaming and looking forward to something can make me really happy.  I am in a state of limbo.  I am neither here nor there.  I am so looking forward to seeing the wee ones on the other side of the world but boy am I going to miss the wee ones over here.

The wee ones here are the faces that light up when they see me,  Miss O and her 'put on'  cry when I get in the car in the morning because she knows Mum is then going to work (we ignore and she stops).  Master A and his songs,  especially when he thinks you are not listening.  B and his 'big boy' look when he knows someone is misbehaving and it is not him.  Missie E and her realisation that she can read and you hear her sounding words to herself.

But oh I long to see Miss E (NZ) do her gymnastics,  Master L and his sense of humour (just like his Dad) and the Devil that is Lady C and all that that brings.  Lady C was only 12 weeks when we last met and so much has changed in the last 2 years, we have to get to know her again.    Her Mum has told us of her nature, her determination and we see her curls and dimples on Skype but nothing compares to the smell of a grandchild,  I always have one last sniff as I am leaving.

Time passes so slowly this last week,  so looking forward to the time with them, but in the blink of an eye we will be back home and into the routine again.    Sometimes the looking forward is the best time,  we are neither here nor there, in limbo I suppose.  Bags are packed,  presents have been bought,  but we have not left the ones who are in our daily lives yet.   When we are away, presents will be bought for those left behind and we will haul them the 12,000 miles home, eager to see their faces.    It would seem we are constantly taking a bit of our lives here and taking it over there and then bringing a bit of our lives over there back with us to share with others.  We should be grateful that we can afford to do this,  many parents of children who emigrated in the past had no hope of seeing them again.

Planning to go to the other side of the world is an adventure, one we do not take for granted.  As long as we have the ability we will be there, but each time it is harder to leave those behind on both  journeys.  

Next time I write, I will be with them and can see for myself how they have grown.  Watch out for grandparent overload on here.
  • rely

    your so lucky that all your children and grandchildren want to be part of your life enjoy it joyce and tommy
  • YIPPEE!!!

    According to the calendar pinned up beside me you will arrive in NZ on MOnday which is now really, really, close.

    Do hope we get to see you somehow - if you two can't get up here we might have to try to come down your way. We can talk about it once you've settled down. I believe you are off to Golden Bay on the Saturday. I go to Auckland for a Servas meeting on 4/4, back 6/4 then to Melbourne for BC Convention on 9/4 back on 14/4.

    Safe travels. I believe Hurricane Lusi should be past our shores by the time you are due here.

  • Hope you have a magic time!
  • Just reread this posting as it came up on the new page layout as if you posted it 'yesterday'. You'll be back home surrounded once again the the ones from what to me is over there. Hope you arrival back home was well received, and that you two are well & not too worn out after your travels.
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