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Life with the Lusks

Dunure Castle Day out.

Dunure Castle Day out.

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Yesterday Mr T and I were asked if we wanted to accompany our friends B & E for lunch and a catch up.  E has been battling cancer and her treatment is now finished.  We had lunch at the Puffer Cafe which is nothing fancy but does basic food,  it has a lovely open seating area with windows along one side looking out  over  the harbour in Irvine and is part of the Maritime Museum.

Myself and E had Chilli and Nachos with cheese which we both enjoyed,  but Mr T and B plumped for fish and chips which they said was very dry and they were not impressed at all.

Some time later we headed south towards Ayr and took the scenic route from there to Dunure.  Stopping next to the castle we were surprised to be asked to pay £2 for the privilege of parking.  The sun was out and a picnic table was available near to the edge overlooking the beach.  The view of Arran was magnificent and  many photographs were taken. Dunure Castle is a ruin but in it's day must have been an impressive dwelling sitting perched on the cliff edge and ovelooking the Firth of Clyde with views of the Isle of Arran and the Holy Isle quite visible on a clear day.



Sat there for about an hour and headed further on where we stopped to take in an unusual aspect of Culzean Castle from a vantage point beside the road.


Driving on we approached the Electric Brae and just had to stop to see if it still worked.  It is an optical illusion but still fascinates me as much as it did when I was little and my Dad would stop the car and put it out of geat and you end up going UP the hill with no reason visible as to why.

A further stop at the supermarket to pick up some wine for us and a few provisions for B & E we headed home.

Nice of them to offer to take us with them on their day out,  having not driven since December and can't see me being able to in the near future it was nice to be out and about.   Thanks B & E.
  • your day out,,

    glad you had a good day ,thats what friends are for..and im sure you all enjoyed the catch up,,think thats exactly what b&e needed after all they have been through lately,,and of course your good selves,,bet your all looking forward to the next one,,
  • B & E

    Your both very welcome and we will defo be doing it again, it was a great wee afternoon out with a great couple...
  • Most interesting posting and nice to see the snap of Culzean. Great that that one is still extant.
  • Sounds like a nice day out and the Electric Brae sounds fascinating!
  • It looks as if you've had a lovely day and your photographs are beautiful! I've often heard of the electric brae, but have never been on it!

    Sorry I haven't been here for ages. I've been studying and not looking at blogs much...


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  • (Anonymous)
    Hello Mrs Lusk!!!
    You'll have to tell me your first name as this is a bit too formal!

    How lovely to meet you and thank you for finding me and leaving a comment on your blog.

    You're right our world is changed forever as we all live in this global village.
    All the kids from here take off on their OE's, backpacking their way across Europe, most working for a while in the UK and eventually the majority come home.
    Sadly my daughter came home but went back to France....
    it seems yours has taken per place here as a Kiwi - isn't that lovely!

    Please keep in touch as I can't figure out how to "follow" your blog and I don't do FB apart from occasionally to see what my darling son is up to!!!

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