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Life with the Lusks

The Teapot and Mitochondrial DNA.

The Teapot and Mitochondrial DNA.

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As the oldest daughter I inherited a teapot from my Mum which has always been passed on to the first born daughter.  In other words this passes through the mitochondrial line. Mitochondrial DNA is inherited from the mother and therefore I have the same NDNA as my mother and grandmother and so on back through the ages.  My mother had 3 living daughters and a son (one daughter died shortly after birth) and passed her MDNA to us all.  Only the daughters will pass this on.  I have 2 daughters and a son, but only my daughters will pass this DNA on, my 2 daughters have 3 daughters between them, so my MDNA lives on.

I was first introduced to this fantastic system by reading the book The Seven Daughters of Eve by Bryan Sykes on how there are only seven known types of MDNA in the world and therefore we all stem from one of those seven woman.  This is quite easy to understand given that you only inherit MDNA from your mother so genetically we are all descended from 7 woman.

This idea of women passing genes through the maternal line fascinates me.

Getting back to the teapot.  This teapot dates back to as far as I can ascetain between 1870 and 1890 therfore if what my mother told me was true it dates back to my great, great grandmother.  I was made by Philip Ashbury and sons in Sheffield and has the Britannia mark on the base.  Also some number which will be the design number.

Line of descent:

Jean (Jones) Clark -  GG Grandmother
Marion (Clark) Spiers -  G Grandmother
Marion known as Minnie (Spiers) Dougan - Grandmother
Marion known as Maimie (Spiers) Murray - Mother
Me  another Marion known as Lynette



My daughter to whom this teapot will be passed to also has Marion in her name,  not because of the teapot but because as middle names she was given her two grandmother's names.

I feel privileged that this teapot is passing through my hands,  I hiope my daughter and grand-daughter feel the same when their time comes.
  • Great story and applaud your mention if Bryan Sykes. He was on a scientifically funded tour in NZ . He was a fantastic speaker who talked for about 2 hours totally without notes. Brilliant.
    Good to see you here. I've been wondering how you all are and was planning to write to you asking for reassurance.
    We are not enjoying the heat in France at the moment. Off to son's house in Brittany on Tuesday. Sorry we did not make it across to you folk this time.

    Loved the teapot tradition. We have nothing like that in my family, just a lot of names.
    • Thanks for the reply, why not start a tradition like this then. You have a daughter and a granddaughter. Go buy a teapot or see what you already have that you received from your mother. Traditions have to start somewhere. LOL Will phone you when you get home but all is well here. x
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