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Life with the Lusks

Year in Review and my health.

Year in Review and my health.

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2012 started on a high, 

We headed to New Zealand for 2 months at the beginning of February and had an awesome time with the folks down under.   Took a trip to Wellington to see good friends holmesfannd her beloved hubby.  Later, after a holiday in Geraldine with the family, Mr T and myself took daughters car and went down to Dunedin and stayed with SERVAS hosts Greg and Phillipa who lived in McAndrew's Bay on the peninsula.  What a good few days that was and we encountered our only rainy day in our whole holiday whilst there, but we didn't let that hold us back.

Returned home in March to the news that youngest daughter was pregnant with her 3rd,  but elated to find out some time later that it would be a girl.  Orla Maimie was born in November, a much loved sister by her two big brothers.

Had SERVAS visitors from Mexico and New Zealand during the year.

Son and his wife are working really hard to make a go of their business,  things have not been easy having a teenager and a 4 year old to contend wirh.  Things should be slightly easier this year with the wee one starting school and us keeping on top of the accounts ourselves (accountant was costing a fortune).

We had a wedding in the middle of the year when my niece got married and her big brother surprised her by turning up on the day from Canada.

Good friends J & J holmesfan ame to stay for a week after spending time in France with their son and family and then Scandinavia though SERVAS.  They flew into Edinburgh and we picked  them up in Kilmarnock.  Loved spending time with them.

Also another friend lytteltonwitch ame to stay and we loved seeing her.

I had a significant birthday in August and got loads of lovely gifts.

Saw George Michael in September, a birthday gift from last year.  Daughter-in-law and I had a lovely night and a memory for me to treasure.

September also saw me start a quilting class after having a taster in New Zealand.  Making a quilt for eldest grandson (Bestboy) and learning lots of new techniques. 

Had a 'day out' with our knitting group Kilmarnock Knitters to New Lanark World Heritage Centre and also they had a stall in the December Christmas Fair in Kilmarnock which raised £350 for Headway Ayrshire.

Took Grandson B and grandaughter E to see the Coca Cola 'Holdays are Coming' truck.  A bit of a let down but can say we have seen it.

Took 3 granchildren to the Christingle Service on Christmas Eve,  this was young A's first visit and although he is only 2 he did very well.

Had my usual run of hospital appointments and as far as Auto-immune and Cancer  is concerned I should just keep taking the tablets.  

My biggest problem has been my eyes.  I came home from holiday and had started to have problems reading and with close work (threading a needle etc).  Went and got new varifocals and after giving them a month to get used to new prescription I felt it was no better.  The upshot of the saga is that the week before Christmas I was diagnosed as having Wet Macular Degeneration and was in danger of acute Glaucoma.  Had laser surgery to put a hole in each eye to relive the pressure, which is now normal.  but have to start having injections into my eyes on 24th January to try to save my sight.  My understanding is they will inject me every 4 weeks for 3 sessions and then review.  The injections are costly and they should know by the 3rd if they have made an improvement or arrested the development or if it is not working at all. 

My mind races as to what will be the outcome,  my photography, sewing, knitting and lmost of all my grandchildren all require a keen eye.  I'm trying to stay positive, but sometimes I just succumb to tears.  Dame Judi Dench is living with the same thing.

Trying to think ahead and have already said we would like to work towards going to NZ this time next year.  Skype is a wonderful thing but not the same as cuddles.  The children now know my voice when I telephone without asking who they will shout 'Mum, it's Granny on the phone'.  And Ella is doing so well at her school and Gymnastics (a wee Olga Corbut).

I am going to try to keep this journal up to date, and I apologise to my friends (especially holmesfanfor the gap in proceedings.

All the best for 2013!!!!!!!!! 
  • Happy New Year and thank you for the text message :D
  • Good to see your year in review. Your eye news blew me away. I do so hope that the injections will bring about the hoped for improvement. Do try to slot us in with your NZ plans for next year please. Sorry that I missed Mr T.'s birthday - I had it marked on my calendar but like several others this year I didn't look at it at the right time.
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