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Life with the Lusks

Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

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Friday 10 February

Antz had a 'jolly' with his work.  A corporate Golf Day at Pegasus Golf Club.  He was leaving about 11am so we followed him out and had a coffee in the Flat White Cafe,  then brought both cars back to the house.  Met Antz' brother and sister-in-law with her sister and friend.  The womaen were going to the Pegasus Winery Concert of the evening to be held on the Pegasus Reserve.

Mr T and I took the car to Northlands this afternoon before going back to Pegasus to Richard and Claire's for Fish & Chip dinner.  Kids had a wonderful time playing with the other children and then Stef picked Antz up from the Golf on our way home.

It was a late night for the children as we were not home until after 7pm.

Saturday 11 February

Mr T and myself headed for Oxford this morning, a town about 32 km from Kaiapoi, we have been there many times.  The famous chef Jo Seagar has a cook school and store here and there are many arty shops and also a museum (we passed on the museum this time). 

Had lunch at Cafe 51, a very old house which is an award winning restauant.  I tried the seafood chowder again but it was not as good as Marshlands Cafe.  Mr T had a BLT and he was soooooo pleased when it came with chips.  All the bacon over here is smoked and we have looked for unsmoked but never found it.

Stopped at Coffee Culture in Rangiora for a Flat White on the way back.

Corned Beef (Brisket) for dinner with a mustard sauce.  Chris and Theo joined us.

Sunday 12 February

Quite a lazy morning and I saw a wee bit of Home and Away,  not going to tell you but someone has died.  LOL.

We headed out to Spencer Park for a picnic.  Had a walk around and the kids played in the paly area and we also had an ice 'block'. 

  • See you on Tuesday at the meetup!
  • Sorry we've been out when you tried to phone - we almost always have dinner at daughterfan's place on Sunday night and I should have mentioned that before. I think you were going to try once more before bed so you might just get us. We came home in a rush as we try to connect with France on Skype on Sunday nights. Anyway we will be at the airport in the morning.
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